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Make Your Home Holiday Ready

The holidays are approaching and so are your plans on how to style your home for the season. Last year around this time we gave you some tips on how to get your kitchen ready for the holidays, and this year we’re expanding to help you tackle the rest of your home.

1. Clear the Clutter

Before you start adding decorations around your home, this is a great time to give it a deep clean. Clear-off clutter and ready your guest areas. Start with a fresh slate to make the most of all your spaces. While you’re at it, inventory seasonal items and get rid of any that are broken or you no longer use.

2. Stick to Seasonal

With so many holidays packed into a few short weeks you can simplify your to-dos by making the base of your decor focused around the winter season. Then, you can layer smaller holiday-specific items, like pillows, to make for a quick and easy transition from one holiday to the next. Pinecones and eucalyptus make for great centerpieces, while natural wood elements and DIY sage candles can add wintery flair to living spaces.

3. Simplify Outdoor Decor

If you have a porch area, create smaller displays near the door for the biggest impact. For other exteriors, add seasonal plants to flower boxes, use lanterns and candles to create an inviting feel, and switch out classic Christmas lights for party lights for a new twist on a classic.

4. Maximize Common Areas

Focus the bulk of your decorating on a few rooms that get the most foot traffic. Start with living and dining spaces as these rooms will host the bulk of your guests this season. Then, place smaller seasonal touches in spaces like the guest bathroom and kitchen that will be frequented, but to a lesser degree.

Pro tip: light a seasonal smelling candle in guest bathroom spaces but avoid lighting scented candles in the kitchen and dining spaces as they can take away from the savory smell of your holiday meal!

5. Revamp Your Storage

While all your decorations are out, it is the perfect time to reevaluate how you store your holiday decor. Get new bins and use a label maker to ensure everything has a proper place. Any pillows, towels or cloth items should be stored in air tight containers to avoid damage while in storage.