Introducing Short Base Pullout

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Introducing Short Base Pullout!

Short Base Pullout joins the family of Kesseböhmer’s Base Pullout options offering a fit for door/drawer combination cabinets. The shorter frame is available in two frame colors, can be combined with any of our five tray color combinations, and fits cabinets with interior heights from 20-28”. Designers can incorporate the Short Base Pullout into a wide variety of cabinet widths with 12 different tray sizes ranging from 4″ to 20″.


The Short Base Pullout uses the same center-mounted runner, supported at the top and bottom, to ensure a smooth, consistent operation each time. The addition of the lateral support bar makes this top support possible when cabinet construction prohibits roller guide mounting. The Base Pullout smoothly glides the contents of your base cabinet out to give you clear access, on both sides, to your itmes stored. ARENA non-slip shelves ensure all your items stay put when operating your unit!

2020 Design Trends

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A Look Ahead—Kitchen Trends for 2020

As a decade comes to a close, it’s a good time to discuss design trends that will define this year and the 2020s. Insider gives a comprehensive overview of the top trends of the 2010s, noting the shift from warm neutrals to cooler tones, and the emergence of the all-white kitchen. Last year saw terrazzo make a stately come back, black and bold colors eclipsing the ever-popular white cabinet, and open shelving showed us that it is here to stay. We have canvassed design blogs and resources to compile a list of design trends that will kick-start this decade! 

Integrated Storage Solutions 

2020 will see double duty spaces where storage can be both functional and discrete, according to KBB Online. Designated storage solutions and integrated functionality improve the layout, flow, and usable space. 

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Kesseböhmer Wastebin Pullout (Double)
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Open shelving & Deep drawers

Open shelving is a trend that we have seen gain popularity over the late 2010s, and it is here to stay with the start of this new decade. The widespread use of open shelving will continue to extend beyond the kitchen. Deep drawers have begun to emerge as a growing trend in lieu of traditional hinged door lower cabinets. 

Kesseböhmer StraightLine for Deep Drawers
Kesseböhmer YouK (coming soon!)
Kesseböhmer tRACK

Double islands 

Kitchen islands have become design staples. Why have just one of what you love, when you can have two? When space is not a concern, double islands have become popular choices to create a visually appealing way to utilize floor space, increase storage, and define areas in open-floor plan configurations. 

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Pantry cabinets

Tall pantry cabinets, sometimes called larder cabinets, have begun to rise in popularity. Having a convenient, one-stop location to store dry food items is emerging as the new kitchen must-have. 

Kesseböhmer Tandem Pantry
Kesseböhmer Dispensa
Kesseböhmer Tandem Solo