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CORNER susans

Popular and practical revolving fittings for corners…but never lazy! 

CORNER susans Product Overview

Combining the tried-and-true revolving cabinet storage solution with all the advantages of Kesseböhmer’s exclusive ARENA shelving, the LAZY SUSAN features sturdy axle mounting and non-slip shelves with an elegant metal railing for quickly spotting what you need at every turn. The SUPER SUSAN is today’s innovative answer to storing everything from jars and bottles to pots and pans by mounting the unique pie-cut shelves on top of corner cabinet shelves with no pole required!


  • Available for 33″ and 36″ pie-cut corner cabinets
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • 360-degree view of shelving
  • 55 lb. load rating per shelf
  • Available with or without a center post

Technical Information

Technical information and installation instructions for Corner Susans.

  • Select the right Corner Susan for your corner cabinet.
  • If you need a unit with a post, please order the LAZY SUSAN and order a post set and a shelf set (sold separately).
  • If you intend to install your Corner Susan on shelves, please order the SUPER SUSAN. You will not need to order a post set.
Ordering Instructions for Lazy Susan
  1. Order a post system for Lazy Susan. Choose between a tripod or a height adjustable post.
  2. Order shelves for Lazy Susan. 2 shelves per set.
Ordering Instructions for Super Susan
  • Super Susan sits on existing shelves. 2 shelves per set. Includes pre-mounted bearing with detent and cover cap.