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Kesseböhmer USA’s Event Manager, Morgan Chiarelly, Awarded 30 Under 30!

Each year, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) honors thirty kitchen and bath industry professionals with the title, 30 Under 30. The program is designed to celebrate the future of the industry by recognizing young professional’s contributions and achievements. The winners help identify significant trends, innovation and technology, sustainable business practices, and emerging business models at KBIS each year. 

This year, Kesseböhmer USA’s Event Manager, Morgan Chiarelly, joins the other young professionals as a 30 under 30 recipient for 2020! Chiarelly is recognized for her accomplishments with Kesseböhmer and within the Kitchen and Bath industry. Her potential for future industry leadership, as well as her commitment to Kesseböhmer USA, industry organizations, and community outreach programs, makes her an outstanding choice for this honor. 

We sat down with Morgan to chat about this award and what it means to her! 

How does it feel to be awarded the 30 under 30 title?

“The accolade alone is exhilarating! Still, our Managing Director, David Ivey, nominating me and hearing from other colleagues how deserving they think I am of the award has me overflowing with joy. I am eager to get to KBIS and meet the other 30_30s, inspire the industry, and make my company and NKBA Eastern Carolina’s chapter proud.”

What do you think it takes for a young professional to be successful in this industry?

“Patience! We work in an industry that has been around for a long time; the NKBA was founded in 1963, and designers have been taught “best practices” that may very well not be as practical in this day-and-age. We are now working in a new world, driven by technology. From my experience, change can be intimidating to those who don’t fully understand how much they have to gain from a young professional’s take on day-to-day tasks and projects. We are here to drive the future, but we also have to take into consideration the experiences and growing pains previous generations dealt with before our time.”

Describe your favorite trends, design style, or products!

“We are in a very exciting time in the kitchen industry! Honestly, at this point, I feel as if I’ve exposed to too much! The open-concept trends and having a workstation on the island to encourage cooking to be an engaging experience has been my favorite to dream about for my future kitchen. Contemporary and minimalist designs are what resonate with me. I love the dark wood or black cabinetry with fresh white countertops and smooth stainless steel appliances. Of course, working with storage solutions, the contemporary kitchen being functional with a place for everything is a must; I can hardly wait to outfit my future kitchen with cabinet and drawer solutions.”

Tell us about yourself, your company, job profile, etc.

“I feel incredibly lucky to have the position I have with Kessebohmer USA. I manage events and projects for a company that genuinely drives global trends and influences the industry on a global scale.”

What is your philosophy towards your work?

“One of my all-time favorite quotes is Thomas Jefferson’s, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” There has never been a procrastinating bone in my body, and I’m always willing to take the initiative to get the ball rolling on a concept or project. Making time for work-life balance, and having the time to give back to my community is very important to me as well.”

How do you define success, and how do you measure up to that definition?

“Saved the toughest one for last!! Success is hard to measure in my particular role because ROI on the events and projects I am managing doesn’t always correlate with numbers. Because of that, success in my world is directly correlated to my quality-of-life in the workplace. I believe I am successful because I work for a great company, with great people, in a great town, and my opinions and suggestions are truly valued and validated.”